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1.  Council tenants and leaseholders living in our blocks of flats are issued with electronic key fobs to gain access to their properties via communal entrance doors.
To continuously improve and ensure the integrity of our resident’s security, changes have been made to how we allocate, record and monitor the future issuing of key fobs.
New tenants will be issued with key fobs for all family members over the age of 12 who live in the property at the time the tenancy starts.

Key Fob Requests Key fobs can be requested in person, at any of our Hubs, online or by telephone. You can call our Advice Line on 02920 871071 or Housing Online account. Lost, Stolen or Damaged Fobs/Lost fobs will be replaced at a charge of £13 each. The charge can be paid over the telephone. For residents who are unable to pay by debit or credit card cash payments can be made at any Hub.

Stolen fobs can be replaced free of charge on production of a Crime Reference number at any Hub.
Damaged fobs will be replaced free of charge at any Hub. A new fob is issued in exchange for the damaged or broken one.


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