Get involved with us, and earn rewards.

Points4U is a thank you from us for getting involved, whether it be entering the Blooming Marvellous gardening competition to attending the tenants conference.

How it works?

If you attend an event/get involved with community projects, you will receive a voucher that is equivalent to a shopping voucher for a shop of your choice.

When you register your voucher, you have the option to have a voucher sent to you straight away or you can collect them up and save them for specials occasions such as birthdays and Christmas.

You can earn vouchers by:

  • Attending a Tenant Participation Event
  • Joining our mailing list
  • Completing Council Surveys
  • Setting up a constituted group
  • Hosting and organising a community activity (Such as Litter Picking, car boot sales, or a fun day).
  • Entering Blooming Marvellous
  • Starting a community Garden

And so much more!

How to claim a voucher?

Complete the form below to make your claim.

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