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There are several funding opportunities to assist residents with retraining to find that perfect job or running events and improving their community.

For further information on the schemes below please contact your tenant Participation team who will be happy to advise you.

Special Project Grant

We offer special project grants for up to £1000 for committed groups of tenants and residents to run events and improve their community.

For example:

  • To start a community gardening group
  • To hold events in their local area including recycling workshops, street parties & community lunches.
  • To organise and run a Wellbeing group for their local area.
  • Improving their communal living areas

Passport to work

If you have found a course that you would love to study, we can help!

The Tenant Participation team work alongside Into Work Services to help tenants find permanent work.

You must attend various training sessions set by Into Work Services to prove your commitment to the scheme.

Contact us for more information!

Get involved with us, and earn rewards.

As a thank you for getting involved, you can collect vouchers which you can cash in for shopping vouchers.

You can earn points for attending reading groups, entering Blooming Marvellous, Starting a community garden, joining a community group and many more.

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