Book Club

The Tenant Participation Book Club held its first meeting this week and decided on ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak as the first book to read and discuss. If you would like to be involved in the Book Club feel free to give us a call on 02920871777 or email us at
Alternatively, you can visit us on the 4th floor of the Central Library and we can give you a copy of ‘The Book Thief’ to read.

Added by Kieran OBrien on 14 Jun 2018

Dog Day

Cardiff Council recently hosted two dog health days in cooperation with Dogs Trust in the Hollybush estate in Whitchurch and the powerhouse Hub in Llanederyn. Dogs were treated to a health check, nail clippings and even free micro chipping. It was great to see the owners & their pets meet each other and we look forward to doing more events in those areas soon!

Take a look out for our next dog day on Monday 21st May at Llandaff North & Gabalfa Hub.

Added by Jack Slowinski on 30 Apr 2018

Welsh Audit Office

Wales audit office will be running a telephone survey to Cardiff Council tenants & leaseholders from 23rd April until Friday 18th May to listen to your views on a wide range of council housing services. The tenants chosen will be randomly selected.   If you have any questions about receiving the calls, please do not hesitate to ring the office on 02920871777.

Added by Jack Slowinski on 23 Apr 2018

Community Events

Communities involving council tenants have come to us in the past with the idea of throwing a street party or event to benefit their community. The Tenant Participation team offers a special project grant of up to £1000 for street parties or community projects with the involvement of council tenants.  Council tenants in the past have used the grant to maximise their spend on food, workshops, music or activities on the day. If you think you will be interested in hosting a community event then please don’t hesitate to give us a ring on 02920871777 or send us an email at TenantParticipation@Cardiff.Gov.Uk

Added by Jack Slowinski on 16 Mar 2018

Blooming Marvellous

Added by Alex Hawkes on 20 Feb 2018

Ready Set Grow

Added by Alex Hawkes on 02 Feb 2018

Power House Film

Added by Alex Hawkes on 01 Feb 2018


Do you know about our Points4U programme? Tenants are rewarded with points for getting involved with Tenant Participation and their community and in return these points can be exchanged for Gift vouchers for Amazon , Argos , Asda & many more. If you would like to know more about the scheme or get a Points4U booklet sent out to you . Please contact our office on 02920871777 or send us an email on TenantParticipation@Cardiff.Gov.Uk

Added by Jack Slowinski on 15 Feb 2018

Choir Project

The Tenant Participation team has officially got the ball rolling with its new choir project. Our officer Kieran is arranging meetings for council tenants who would like to be involved in an easy going choir project. There is a meeting on Friday 9th February at 2:30pm in the TRC meeting room. If you feel like coming to be a part of it or just for a cup of tea, please email Tenant Participation at TenantParticipation@Cardiff.Gov.Uk or give us a ring on 02920871777.

Added by Kieran OBrien on 07 Feb 2018

Blue January

Christmas is over, New Year’s Eve is over and January is usually seen as the time of year where people tend to make some savings after a surge in spending over the Christmas period. This can lead to people feeling down so the Tenant Participation team decided to visit the City of Cardiff Council’s Community living retirement schemes to organise a few events which brought tenants from across the city over for fun and games to brighten the mood. Tenants from Wheatley Road, Sandown Court & Worcester court met over Clos Y Nant for a Welsh quiz, bingo games & a raffle on the west side of the city while Tenants from Minton Court & Brentwood house met over at Broadlands house in St Mellons for an event on the east side of the city.
A variety of prizes were won by Tenants during the two events as well as friendships started paving the way for the community living schemes to have more opportunities to socialise together under one roof. Tenant Participation also lent a REMPOD pub from Central Library which was great for bringing up discussions of fun times had in January in the past. 
A final Blue Monday event was then organised for our community champion Tenants from across the city as a reward for their engagement with us throughout 2017. It was an opportunity for tenants to meet up and swap stories from the festive period as well as an opportunity to see the REMPOD pub in action with some more bingo & raffles to match.

Added by Jack Slowinski on 05 Feb 2018


Added by Alex Hawkes on 22 Jan 2018

Happy New Year

The Tenant Participation team would like to wish all its Tenants and Partners a happy new year. 2017 was a great year to reflect on, with plenty of great events and workshops. We hope you all have a wonderful 2018 and look forward to seeing you throughout the year!

Added by Jack Slowinski on 02 Jan 2018

Parents attend First Aid course at Hywell Dda school

The Tenant Participation team ran a first aid course at Hywell Dda school in partnership with City of Cardiff Council's Into Work team. The parents and tenants were taught about basic first aid and how it can be useful in their day to day life.
If you are interested in attending a First Aid course or using your school for community events involving tenants, please don’t hesitate to ring our office on 02920871777 or send us an email at

Added by Jack Slowinski on 18 Oct 2017

Winter Fayre at STAR Hub

Amy & Jack from the Tenant Participation team were down the STAR hub showing children how healthy eating could be fun by letting them use the smoothie bike to cycle their way to healthy drinks!
It was also an opportunity to inform council tenants of our Passport to Work or Community Garden programme.
If you are a Council Tenant interested in Gardening or looking for work.
Please give our office a phone call on 02920871777 or email us on TenantParticipation@Cardiff.Gov.Uk to find out more!

Added by Jack Slowinski on 01 Dec 2017

Community living Christmas Party

The Tenant Participation team would like to send out a massive thank you to everyone who attended our Christmas lunch yesterday for Tenants in community living schemes across Cardiff.
Tenants from Sandown, Wheatley Road, Broadlands Court, Minton Court, Clos Y Nant, Poplar & Nelson house came down for a dance and a turkey dinner.
It was wonderful to see you all during the festive season and we look forward to much more fun together in 2018!

Added by Jack Slowinski on 14 Dec 2017

Best garden of St Mellons compact 2017

Another year of great gardening came to a conclusion with our annual award ceremony for St Mellons Gorgeous Garden Competition.
The annual awards were held at the St Mellons Community Garden and were well attended, great food was served from the BBQ and everyone enjoyed chatting all things green.
Although we were down on numbers this year, the quality of gardening was better than ever, so a big congratulations to everyone that entered and the winners and we look forawrd to judging next years!

Added by Jack Slowinski on 13 Sep 2017

Blooming Marvellous 2017 Competition has been judged!

We are very excited to announce that the winners of the 2017 Tenants Conference at city hall have been judged and the winners will be announced at this years tenants conference on the 13th November. We look forward to seeing you there!

Added by Jack Slowinski on 22 Sep 2017

Parents at Hywell Dda School get involved!

After getting in touch with the Tenant Participation team , a meeting was held at Hywell Dda school to see what courses Tenant Participation could arrange to be instructed at the school in the parents spare time. It was an amazing opportunity to hear about ways to fit Tenant Participation's events and courses around a busy parent's schedule.
Courses such as food hygiene , customer service & first aid will be available at Hywell Dda primary school for parents to get involved in throughout the rest of the year and 2018.
If you think your childs school would be interested in getting involved with a community event . Please contact our office on 02920537511 or email us on TenantParticipation@Cardiff.Gov.Uk

Added by Jack Slowinski on 15 Sep 2017

Health Day at Sandown Court

The Tenant Participation team recently visited Sandown court to spread information about the importance of Health & Wellbeing, Tenants within the community living scheme were treated to planting workshops as well as given an opportunity to try some lovely new healthy recipes!
If you would be interested in learning about community living. Please do not hesitate to phone the office on 02920871777 or email us at TenantParticipation@Cardiff.Gov.Uk

Added by Jack Slowinski on 07 Sep 2017

Thank you for attending 2017's Tenants Conference

We would like to thank Council Tenants across the city for attending our successful Tenants Conference on Wednesday the 13th November. Over 100 Council Tenants visited over the day to get involved in all sorts of workshops and activities as well as being given an opportunity to speak to council staff about improvements which could be made and services which they appreciate.
The Tenant Participation team would like to thank you all for your kind words and efforts in helping us run many community events over the course of the year.
We look forward to more excitement next year!

Added by Jack Slowinski on 14 Nov 2017

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